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Delivery to European destinations for Amazon Marketplace pro sellers

Maersk E-Delivery in conjunction with Amazon is offering European Amazon Marketplace Pro Sellers a reliable, cost effective, tracked parcel service for all your consumer shipments into Europe, using the best delivery networks.

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How does it work?

  1. Consumer orders from Amazon Marketplace Pro Seller
  2. Amazon Marketplace Pro Seller prints shipping label
  3. Amazon Marketplace Pro Seller selects parcel drop-off or parcel pick-up option
  4. Delivery to Maersk warehouse
  5. Shipped via Maersk international transport
  6. Delivery to consumer via local delivery agent
  7. Delivery time between 5 & 7 days


  • Reduced distribution costs on all your tracked parcels into Europe
  • Choose from a pick-up at your warehouse or drop off your parcel at a nearby ParcelShop
  • Direct access to the best European delivery networks
  • Last mile delivery by local delivery agents
  • Fully traceable service, with priority delivery times


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